RWR Slot Cars and The Cave Speedway Information
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The Cave Speedway is location in Bentonville just south of Front Royal VA. It is no further than the dirt tracks that we all visit, and is just as fun.

Track Information

Track is a home routed wood track mdf board.
Size 49' complete lap. scale is 5/8 mile
Shape--oval with 3 inside lanes squeezed in turns.
Lanes-- 6
Surface-- mdf board.
power-- supplied by copper tape.
Volts-- 12V auto battery
Wiring-- posts ready for your alligator clips, wired ready for brakes.
Controller--15ohm recommended
timing/scoring--Trakmate computerized timing and scoring. Round Robin race format. The winner is determined by the most laps run during the race event.
Parts--Parts to maintain the car and build car are available at THE CAVE SPEEDWAY
Phone (Eve)540.6361380
Phone--(Day)540.667.2848 ask for Mike

Late Model Bodies

Bodies are 1/24th scale (still have HO scale available for purchase, just don't race these anymore)

Material--Styrene plastic
Decals--headlights painted on, numbers lettering decals (some lettering hand painted.
Wheelbase--- 4" Center to center for true 1/24th scale.
Body Mounting--choice of builder, however must not have pins sticking out from side, side must be smooth.
Bodies are available plain for $15, or painted decaled for $25.


Chassis is choice of individual within reason. The idea is to make the racing here affordable and enjoyable. Take a basic chassis and modify the wheelbase for the 4" body. Brass tubes can be soldered on to extend the wheelbase. Width of Tires/axles is 3" outside edge to outside edge,can be offset, but must be the 3" and not over 3"..Front and rear. Chassis can basically be any
chassis as long as it is an inline chassis with a once piece assembly. No swinging rear axles etc. Basically
a rigid once piece chassis.
You can purchase a ready to run chassis that has already been custom built for $40. This will last whole season, with maybe a gear/tire replacement needed


0n a regular night of racing there are no fees involved. This is what we like to keep in effect as much as possible, this keeps racing fun and costs down for the racer. However on a trophy race night there will be an entry fee of $5 going to the house toward trophy fees etc. This is subject to change. Now the enviroment is a fun enviroment and everyone has a good time.


Since the racing is for fun and want to keep it that way there are a few "simple" rules to go by.

Tire Rule, everyone must run the same rear tire of same make and size. Rear tires are Protrac tire that
has an outside diamater of 1" and a width of .800 with aluminum hub. Choice of lettered or black wall available.
Motor rule. Everyone must run the parma sealed deathstar motor. Part number available upon request.
Goo or Goop for tires. NO TIRE GOO OR GOOP allowed on tires. We want to make racing fun and realisic sliding and some loss
of traction is expected.
Controllers, only basic ecomomy type allowed. No electronic controllers allowed. This keeps cost dowm and makes all on more equal playing field. Controller must have alligator clips for track hookup. Resister ohms is up to you, but 15-25 ohms is ideal.
Body. Must resemble a Late Model Body. Bodies are availabe by contacting RWR to get one, click on the contact link. Body must have a number and must not drag the track in the front or back. Body must be firmly attached as to not come off during a race. Body must not have objects protruding from the front back or sides. Body can be any paint scheme, but Dirt track is preferred.
. We expect you to keep yourself in a friendly attitude, as racing is sometimes frustrating, keep in mind that it
is fun, and violence will not be tolerated.



Currenly racing on Friday evenings around 7pm. This is subject to change as the real dirt track season is underway. However there will be more racing, so check back here, or under the news section for more details.

About RWR

This is the story of "RWR"..Rick Williamson Racing..Told by me Mike

Rick has always been a die hard dirt racing fan since I met him. He loves the Late Models and Sprints and all the other classses of dirt racing. But above all the Dirt Late Model is the favorite. Rick has traveled far and wide to see some great dirt racing. So with dirt racing always on his mind.......he thought about having a 1/24th scale home track about 14 years ago while racing HO scale locally at the Hobby Shop. There were magnet car classes there for the super fast track hugging new cars. There were a few of us who wanted the fun of the old AFX non magnet cars. Also the track that was in Stephens City for the big cars had closed down, but the love for the big scale was still there. He often told his dream of having his own 1/24th scale track for the 1/24th scale late models that at that time were still a dream.  The idea was made to make a routed track and have a dirt concept, much like the one run at the local dirt track using the styling of the dirt Late Models. The body was attached to the car by the pin/post type of mount, or alternate mounting of builder’s choice of mounts.
So Rick routed an HO scale small oval about 9' turn to turn, and made the HO scale late model bodies using the AFX pancake motors with non magnatraction for slipping and sliding. If you have been to a dirt late model race then you know that they slide through and out of the turn and this was the simulation desired in the slot track also.
We raced on it at the local hobby shop, and then it went on to a very short life at The Cave. Another hobby shop started hosting races in Front Royal and Rick was the catalyst for another home routed track..this time it was an HO scale D shaped like Richmond. This was a track that hosted a lot of races, and eventualy went to another freinds house where it was raced on for a long while. Another track came about in Winchester at Mike's place. It was 14' but was rough and did not have the smoothness...but was raced on for a long while. So the legacy of RWR has inspired many tracks, but now RWR is into full swing and has hit a home run with the new 1/24th scale track that is now THE CAVE SPEEDWAY. Also as the real dirt Late Models changed, more detail went into the nose of the slot car also. Instead of a wedge in the front, the front started to resemble makes of cars. RWR included this in the design and thus introduced these great looking bodies. These are each hand made, and since they had been introduced as mentioned some years ago, there are now imitations showing up. These are the original hand crafted Dirt Late Models inspired by RWR, and we are bringing these online, so you can get one for yourself to race, just for your collection. Thanks for visiting