The Little World 100 at The Cave Speedway Bentonville Va.
3/11/05 and 3/12/05

pictures below

The two day show started on Friday evening as everyone was tuning their cars in. RWR was in Earl Baltes form as he prepared the Speedway, and anticipated the Arrival of some heavy hitters.  Everyone practiced late into the evening.


Saturday was another day of thrashing trying to find the setup that would work.

RWR had a trophy on hand for the winner and also prize money for the feature event. There were no other classes, just a Late Model field. All chassis are a different mix of custom made, all bodies are RWR, with drivers choice of paint schemes. To keep the field on equal ground, everyone must run a sealed motor, and same tires on all cars. This rule in enforced and makes for fun racing. Tony Crim showed up as grand marshall. Tony drives the 93 and races regularly at the Winchester Speedway


Next up is qualifying and everyone gets to try for the best time and can go two laps. Lane choice is up to the driver. Steve quickly showed he was on a mission by posting a blistering speed of 3.08

Seconds around the tricky track.  Next it was the heats and the pressure was

Intense just getting to be in the feature. The winners of each heat automatically

Have a starting spot in the feature, the rest had to run the B-mains which were

 tough. 11 cars showed up, and only 6 will go to the feature.


Next up was the dash for the 6 fasted time trialers. It was a fast paced night

As RWR was pushing to get the show over at a reasonable time. Winner of the dash was Rick of RWR.  


Next up was the feature event and a lot of good cars did not make it. Matt won

The feature which had some exciting crashes and close racing. The track has

6 lanes but the inside three lanes are squeezed in the turns, so you have to be

Patient if you want to win. One bobble and the guy behind you is right on you,

There is not much time to react and then there is a caution on the speedway.

Since you crashed you must go back and start in front of the lap counter.

This is to simulate real dirt track racing where the cars that caused the caution

Must restart at the rear.


Matt stayed smooth and got a lot of laps in and went on to take the Little

World 100 trophy and the prize money from the race sponsor.


These things slip and slide and look just like the real thing. If you would like to come and race dirt late models with us then send an

Email or call Rick 540.636.1380 evenings. Daytime call 540.667.2848 ask for Mike

So we can get your call.


                                                              Having fun on the Dirt


Click on image for large picture, enjoy!



The field is lined up for the Little World 100




Anyone have a wide angle camera?




Looking down the front stretch




Another view of the areas finest



Man that's a pretty sight



Front stretch again



Booper Bare



Crunch time to get ready




Line 'em up




Attention! Drivers meeting




Another great view




Looking back from turn 1





Another view from turn 1






RWR "AKA" Earl Baltes presents fast time award to Steve



RWR "AKA" Earl Baltes gives a speech on his car that won the dash.





Matt in victory lane at the Little World 100 at the Cave Speedway



2nd and 3rd place, RWR and Chris discuss what went wrong





1st, 2nd and 3rd place





A shot of the Little Word 100 trophy





A great pix of the Winning car driven by Matt





The winners trophy and check





Grand Marshall Tony Crim makes an appearance





A fine looking bunch



Booper has arrived!



A great looking Late Model owned by James







Man I think I can get this to go faster!





Expert at work



The  fabrication shop of RWR



Computer lap time and scoring. Hey we are professionals here!





Body shop running behind on laying the decals.




RWR thrashing to get the bodies done.



A view of RWR work in progress.



Bart Hartman looking good.





Looking back from turn 3



Another view looking back from turn 3



Looking back down the front stretch.

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